The Fear Free Future: part 1 (3 part series)

Times are changing in the veterinary world and this time for the better.  Fear-Free Veterinary Visits is the way of the future.  Providing “fear free” veterinary care for pets is a big step forward for pets, pet owners and veterinary teams alike!  This article is a 3-part series examining this movement, with part-1 focusing on what fear-free is all about and why it is important for the future.

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Lucy van der Weide
The realities of living with my special needs dog

What happens if your puppy doesn't turn into the "dream dog"?  What if your dream of owning your own dog turns into a nightmare?  In fact, it's not always easy owning a dog and often its totally not how we envisioned it.  This blog explores some of the harsh and often unexpected realities of living with a special needs pet with behavioural problems.  Best of all this article highlights how we can embrace it and turn this around for the better!   

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