Lucy is knowledgeable, friendly, positive and encouraging. She gave us hope that our little dog can live a better life!
— Lesley, WA

Lucy was fantastic. The medication has finally worked. He has become the most beautiful and loving dog ever. No more hyper behaviour. He’s calm and finally a normal dog. He’s so affectionate and comes to us all the time for cuddles and smooches. We’ve dismantled the play pen as now he just relaxes either on his bed or the couch. There’s barely any nipping and he naps during the day now. I never thought he was going to be affectionate but he’s done a complete 360 and sleeps quite often next to us with his head resting on us. He’s calm 24/7 now and his chewing and destructive behaviour has completely gone. He goes to doggy daycare twice a week and absolutely loves it. The staff are very mindful of his special needs and socialise him under their watchful eye until they are comfortable he is going to not be aggressive. They love him and always comment on how loving he is. We are so grateful to you.
— Carol, WA

Reconfirmed my original thought that we could work through the dogs issues rather than rehoming as recommended by another vet.
— Allison, WA.
I just wanted to give feedback that my dog has been absolutely amazing and I’m so proud of him! He has been amazing with our weekly cleaner where I would normally stress/ dread before hand how hard it would be! But he had been calm, just potters around like he would with just us and I don’t even have to think twice about her being here! That in itself has been life changing. My friends have been so impressed by his transformation and how zen he has become.
— Namita, WA.
Lucy was wonderful to work with in regards to helping my 10 month old puppy who has severe separation anxiety. She works very closely with her clients and was so helpful at answering any questions we had. The behaviour management plan we received was extremely detailed and we have already seen positive changes. I would highly recommend The Mindful Pet to any pet owner going through any behavioural situations. We couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you Lucy!
— Lexi, WA.