The Mindful Pet is not taking on any new patients
until January 2020, thank you for your undestanding.


Veterinary Behaviour Initial Consultation

90 minutes

Here at the Mindful Pet we happily treat all pets, to help you restore harmony in your home.
The Mindful Pet conducts Home Visit which comprise:
  +  behavioural assessment
  +  individualised report
  +  immediate management and safety plan
  +  longer-term plan
  +  ongoing support 3 months

Please note:
blood tests, medication or behaviour modification training, if required are additional to this fee.  additional travel fee may be applicable depending on location


Revisit Consultation


Most patients will benefit from a revisit to ensure you are on progress to reach your pet's behaviour goals and that their treatment is on track.  This is normally conducted 6-8 weeks after the initial consultation.


Skype / Telephone Consultation

60-90 MINUTES -
This service is suited mostly for the remote or rural pet.
We will work alongside your regular veterinarian to diagnose, treat and manage your pet's behaviour problems.


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