The Fear Free Future: part 2 (3 part series)

Owner Strategies:

Fear Free starts even before your pet even arrives at the clinic.  This means smart scheduling.  This mean, pre-visit planning and preparation.  This means, ensuring low-stress travel to the clinic.  This even means longer-term strategies to make the experience more positive.

We shall examine some of these strategies and measures that pet owner can take to facilitate a more positive veterinary experience for your pet in part two of this fear free veterinary visit series.

Fear Free Owner Strategies.jpg

Fear Free Veterinary Visits requires a team approach from the owners and the veterinary team.  It requires planning and preparation to get the best results.  Stay tuned for our final part which will delve into the consult and hospital area...

For more information about any of the topics discussed above, such as pre-visit medication, natural anti-anxiety supplements, desensitisation to basket muzzles, cooperative veterinary care, choosing the right carrier for your pet check out our feline focus and canine hub on the website, and keep your eyes peeled for future blogs and or educational resources!  Otherwise, please feel free to get in touch with me or even bring up some of these topics with your local veterinarian at your next veterinary visit!  

Dr Lucy xx